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  Fraud cases using our name (Singapore Electrical Steel Services Pte Ltd) have been found recently.
  A man named 'Kevin jee min' under disguise of SESS sales staff is requesting 25% of remittance to
  Hong Kong bank account (Standard Chartred Bank account no. 37710060550)
  Please do not make any remittance to any bank account!!
  Please inform us immediately if you receive same request of this kind.

  MD of SESS

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Singapore Electrical Steel Services  Pte Ltd (SESS)
supplying to all the steel needs of electrical and electronic appliances ...
Slitting / Shearing

Processing material into coil or sheet form
Slitters (3 units) 

ISO 9002 Certified Septemper 1998 
ISO 9001-2000 Certified in July 2002 
ISO 14001:2004 Certified in March 2005
JSO 9001-2008 Certified in April 2010 

Slitting Department Shearing Department Stamping Department
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